Friday, March 21, 2008

Intro to Sculpture

I was pleased to discover that I had to take a Studio Art class for my Art History degree. I could choose between Drawing and Sculpture, so obviously, the crafter in me was drawn to the sculpture class, so that is where I ended up (I guess it also had something to do with my lack of drawing skills...). I have no problem saying that I was scared beyond belief on my first day this semester. I am by no means a Studio Arts major, but most of the people in my class have an emphasis on drawing, so as it turns out we are all struggling through the world of contemporary art together. Great. I have a great teacher who certainly knows her stuff, and for this reason, I am proud to show some of my work.

For our second project (my first project was pretty much just a catastrophe of paper bags, wire, glue and paper...) we had to choose one emotion and construct it and the emotion's opposite. My semi morbid brain choose disgust as the main emotion. I made this blob-like form entirely from chicken wire and plaster, but the icing on the cake is definitely (its hard to see) the petroleum jelly which highlights certain areas of the piece. Yes, I for sure made people touch it and they were grossed out. Job complete.

The other emotion I chose was excitement. My intent was to make the piece seem as if it was bursting out of the wall, kind of like it was rushing towards something (I presented the piece on a wall in our "Installation Room": a room consisting of 4 pure white walls). The form is made from chicken wire and plaster bandage, but the surface is not as smooth as I would have liked it. During critique my professor mentioned enamel to give it a slick, shiny surface. This would have been nice, but I am not made of money! However, it is fun to venture down to the hardware store and watch as the workers give me, a clueless, puny guy the weirdest looks.

I am not sure what our next project is, but apparently that is the point (?). So we'll see how this next piece of art turns out...

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