Monday, March 24, 2008

Sculpture Monday

Our current project in my sculpture class consists of 3 different parts. We have to make 3 separate pieces (one per week) and at the end of 3 weeks we have to put them together in some way to convey our concept. My concept is mainly about how I have felt lost and awkward during my first year at college and it is only until now that I have integrated myself into a social group (oh woe is me...). My first part was due today and we were required to make a closed abstract shape and cover it with any unique material we chose. I chose steel wool, and after purchasing what seemed like 20 pounds of it, and covering 3 pillows with it (who knew hand sewing steel wool would actually work), I made this awkward piece:

For next week we have to make some container-like piece that we will cover with our latest material of choice. I got a lot of bright red fabric to use this week, and I think it might actually make something interesting. If not, then I guess I am screwed. It could go either way. I could make a masterpiece, or I might end up with something that I wouldn't even be able to give to the needy.

I also have to choose a new material for next week. This could end in disaster. I will update next week.

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