Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving On

So I have finally moved into my new dorm room for the summer (I have actually been moved in for about a week). I get discounted housing because I am working for the school this summer. Seriously, I think I pay less for more. My individual room (no thieving roomie) is huge and I must say that all my handmade goodies look delicious in their new home, even if the walls are really high and bare. Too bad I will only be here for 3 months.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Sad Goodbye

So as I have been packing up my stuff, I have realized that a few of my prized possessions have been stolen by none other than my room mate (he is the prime suspect at least). It may only be two items, but the combination of the two creates an...interesting (to say the least) mystery. The first item was a pair of my underwear that I had seen the morning before the crime (so strange and odd). The next was a sock creature that I had made over my holiday break. It was not one of my better ones, and he was sadly never named. However, I think that it is important to have a elegy-like post for this creature. The poor guy did not live much of a good live cooped up in my closet, but it did not deserve this horrible crime. Unless he is found soon (There is less than a 1% chance that he was misplaced by me. I keep track of my items, and I had seen him recently in his living quarters), No Name is presumed dead. If this creature is alive, may he be treated correctly and unharmed...

I pray that he has actually been misplaced or taken home. If this is the case, I apologize for my horrendous accusations, but only time will tell. I shall know the truth when I visit home in a few months.

RIP poor No Name.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I DO make stuff outside of class...

Well, the time has finally come to move out of my dorm room. It has been a long first year at college, and there have been many memories in this room. However, although my room was of coarse very pleasant on the eyes, the memories won't necessarily be good ones. I am definitely ready to leave this place for awhile. Oh wait... I don't get to leave; I am working for the school this summer. Well, at least I get to move to a new room.

Well, in other news, my best friend's birthday awhile ago, and I made her a sock creature. I don't know if she really wanted one, but what else would a crafter do for someone's birthday, and who doesn't love opening an extra package, especially after said package has traveled for about a week?

I am actually quite impressed with this latest addition to the sock creature family, considering that a good bit of it was made backstage while I was working on a play for my school. The small, almost unnoticeable hole near the base of the tail has been fixed. We don't want people to think I'm not perfect now do we?