Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boris Hildrison

Please meet Boris. He is a new creature made by me both at home and while at work.

Boris' favorite thing to do in his spare time is eat. However, he has recently taken up speed dating and he is quickly screening those Mrs. Wrongs in order to find that Mrs. Right. Currently he has his eye on one of them who calls herself Claudia. He would love to start a family, but he is moving slowly since it has only been 9 months since he got a divorce due him devouring his children (I said he liked to eat). Boris is currently unemployed, but rumor has it that he was once an undercover bounty hunter, but the truth to this rumor is extremely hard to come by. Boris would like you to know that he is sick of people asking him if he is related to the piranha plants in the Super Mario Brothers video game series, so please stop.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Birthday

One of my coworkers birthday occurred recently and because we had become friends I decided to make her a sock creature whether she wanted it or not. It matches her room, and as a result the creature is reminiscent of my last one in the color scheme. She has yet to name this one, but she said she liked it...

My job includes working at a desk, but sadly the day I took my supplies to work, I was too busy to pull them out. Sadly, due to this, the creature was finished a day late.