Sunday, August 3, 2008

Almost Useless Slippers

I took a short break from my projects for reasons unknown to myself, but I finally completed something else. Denyse Schmidt's book once again provided the pattern for this recently finished project. After living in dorms for awhile, I've gotten sick of getting my feet dirty on the old carpets. I didn't want to wear shoes indoors, so I just HAD to make these ever so masculine slippers (maybe I could've just clean the carpets...).

Look at how beautiful my feet look in these puppies! As you can see, I was actually clenching my toes so that it appeared like my feet weren't too big for these. Due to wacky sizes and instructions, I had to tweak the pattern more than I wanted to, and as a result the soles are too small and the strap is too big. As it turns out they are less than useful, because when I walk my toes poke out at the front, the slipper flies off, or the toes of the sole curl under and I end up walking on top of them. Oh well. They were fairly quick to make and if nothing else, they could become a lovely gift for some unsuspecting person with awkward feet.

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Bugsy said...

They do look good. I have that same book and was going to make it for me, my partner, and a friend, but realized the pattern was for women's feet and not men's. I hadn't gotten around to modifying it.