Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quilts on the Move

Well, it has once again come time for me to move all of my stuff into another dorm room. Oops. Sorry, residence hall (my supervisor would have my head). My room is a mess right now, but I have made another little something for my room next year. I won't post about it until I am fully moved in (which won't be until the end of August; I can't stay in my new room yet) because it is packed up already. I also have some other ideas for wall art that I will make during my down time in the next few weeks. My walls have all been too bare, so that will have to change.

In the meantime, my mom made me a nice throw quilt. I had found the pattern entitled "Posh" by Chez Moi and I was planning to use it to try and make my first quilt. However, on a recent trip to see the rents, my mom suggested that she instead whip it up for me. I couldn't decline, so together we picked out the fabrics and I just got it in the mail.

I was actually at work when I picked up the package, and I couldn't wait to open it, so my supervisor was also forced to gaze at the beauty. I'm not a freak at all... So thank you mom, wherever you are! Needless to say, she did a much better job then I would have done.


Bugsy said...

The quilt is beautiful. I love the quilting. Your mom did a great job!

Good luck in the new room.

Kate quilts... said...

I have made this quilt in similar colours, here:

I love your mum's version. It looks great in your room. My quilt isn't quilted yet, it's on my very long list of projects. LOL