Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Room (but not so new anymore...)

Well school has finally started and a combination of classes, wardrobe crew for a play, and a hurricane (which caused the play to run for an excruciating 3rd week) has lead me to postpone this post for quite some time.

As I have done before, here are some pictures of my new (and much smaller) room. Because of the size, pictures don't do it justice, but I do like this room the best, because all my stuff is close, so it looks more decorated. Well, at least I think so. You will notice that I have some empty wall space. The objects I made before classes started looked like shit, so they didn't make it to the wall, but I am working on the disgusting empty white spaces.

I made this quaint little wall organizer awhile ago in the summer, but it wasn't till now that it could grace my wall. The pattern came from Lotta Jansdotter's book. The organizer is a little far away from my desk, but it's the look that counts.

In other news I have joined Etsy! I figured I might try to make some things this year and sell them. I don't have a shop yet, but I have started to make more creatures, and I will to force people to purchase them (since I don't have a better job) as soon as I have made a fair number of them. Hopefully it will work...I will have to start networking if I want my future shop to be seen

I am also in a costuming class. I really like it, but some of the stuff has been boring since I know how to hand sew, use a machine, etc. Our final project is to make one article of clothing, but I haven't decided what yet. Hopefully whatever it is doesn't leave other people with disgust.

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Feed Dog said...

So cozy! And so colour coordinated! Glad the hurricane didn't blow it all away (and more to the point, you along with it). I like the creatures poking out here and there--quite the menagerie you're living in. Love the wall organizer. Oh, and I never got round to commenting on the quilt the Mother made--nice!