Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quite Literally a Steal

I was helping clean up our Drama Club's theatre today, and I got to walk away with these little finds.

They reminded me a little of my brother's suitcase table, and I have recently taken a liking to old suitcases. I was helping to organize props, and these were going to be thrown out, because one wouldn't close fully and the other doesn't have a handle. I couldn't let them disappear, so I took them. After I got home, I rigged the brown one with some wire, and it now closes quite well. I haven't work on the other one, but I may not need to.

I decided that these made more attractive fabric storage than the plastic crate I was using, so these now reside under my bed, but can still be seen upon entering. The bigger of the two houses my fleece and other creature makings, while the smaller holds my other fabric. A match made in heaven.

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Feed Dog said...

Nice scrounging! We've got to figure out how to get you the suitcase table.