Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Reachable Future of Tailor's Hams and Seam Rippers

If I have learned anything since having this blog, it is that I can't shuffle through life working in an office fixing endless budgets and perfecting marketing strategies. So, I am changing my majors (Art History and Arts Management) to Art History and Theatre with an emphasis on costuming, and I am kissing any ounce of financial wealth. However, I am really excited and I may even be designing my first show next semester (needless to say it is going to be a low budget project; its our drama club).

Anyway, this semester in costuming we have done mostly hand sewing and machine sewing samples (not the most fun, so I have decided to subject no one to any pictures of these). We watched the movie version of An Ideal Husband and took one person's costume and made a collaged rendering of one of their costumes in modern times (I got an A!). We also recently made a reusable grocery bag. I will most likely be using it as a fabric transportation device. However, I have to be honest here. I sped through this project, probably because I got a little cocky, so it isn't my best sewing:

I am now working on our written final which is basically taking a period play (before the 1960's) and designing 4 costumes for it. I have chosen Arsenic and Old Lace because I thought it would be fun (yes mother, I know you gave me the 1930's research book, but I didn't have enough time to find a play from that period in the theatre's storage room...). Part 2 of our final is creating some sort of garment, and I will be going to the shop on Friday.

I'm taking Costuming 2 next semester and I really do want to do this with my life, so expect more posts in the future, and I apologize if you have just been bored to death.

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Bugsy said...

Congrats on your A! You seem to be a very creative fellow! I love the designs and colors you use.

Best of luck on your current project. Keep us posted!