Sunday, August 9, 2009

Plush Mud

In an attempt to get published in Stuffed Magazine I have created a new blog devoted to my plush creatures. It is still a work in progress as there aren't many new creatures featured yet, but I need to take pictures of a few more that are finished and waiting. However, hopefully by the time I hear back from Stuffed I can have a decent blog that will get my creatures out there.

The blog is called Plush Mud and it is called this in an attempt for me to be all cute and what not. If you aren't from the south, we have foul smelling pluff mud, and it was just a play on words... Anyway, check it out if you must.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Final Draping Project

Last semester, my final project for my draping class, was to drap a 14th-15th Century garment. I have always had a fascination for Queen Elizabeth and for some reason, I thought that I would be able to drape the pattern for this dress:

I had to make a cardboard joke of a farthingale and after much pleating and pinning I was finished. This was the end result (I have yet to make the actual pattern from the muslin pieces):

Monday, April 13, 2009

Recycled Elements

It's been awhile, but mainly because I haven't made much lately...

In my costuming class we did a draping project awhile ago, where I ended up making a pattern for an 1889 visiting dress. As we just made a pattern, I didn't think the draping pictures were too interesting. However, we just finished our Recycled Elements project in which we had to make a garment out of any recycled material that wasn't fabric. It was very much like Project Runway, except we had more time, and the crap people in our class are still "in" I get to finish the class.

Anyway, I made a 60's inspired dress out of cardboard because 1) I think it is my favorite fashion period and 2) I had a large box from a desk I had just gotten. I was also inspired by the 1943 Guide to Hiring Women (yes, I know it a different decade, but it reminded me of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying alla "A secretary is not a toy, no my boy, not a toy."). The hope was to make a statement on how women were stuck into the profession as a secretary during that time (if any profession), and were "boxed in" behind the desk. So here is some of it (I had a dreadful time with the back, so that part is not featured), and it can actually be worn...I have done it...

That thing on top is supposed to be a hat...

This also had a chance to be in an Earth Day fashion show, but I have yet to find a model who would want to wear it, and I am not sure anyone would really care to see this walk down a catwalk.

Also, I was bored one night during another run of wardrobe crew and I made a creature and ending up giving it to my boss the costume shop manager (no pictures). My costume professor saw it the next day and almost demanded that she buy one from me. I told her that I would make her one for free, and once I gave it too here, she squealed for a good 2.27 minutes. A job well done.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winky Blinky

Winkly Blinky was named by a friend for his 2 different sized eyes. I made him a couple weekends ago when I had some time to kill. There isn't much to say about him, except that he is a very good secret keeper...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Costuming Final

Well by now class has been done for awhile, and will be starting again on Monday. I got lazy over my break of course and I will post all my Christmas gifts a bit later. For now I feel I MUST showcase my fine work in my costuming class from the past semester.

As I said earlier I had to design 4 costumes for a show (I chose Arsenic and Old Lace) but not make them, and then create one garment (I made a vest). Here is the work that helped me to get my A.

On to Costuming 2 in a week, and for practice I made these pants. They're not perfect of course, but for my first of many that I assume I will have to make, I am proud...